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Get your suspension fixed and enjoy a smoother ride

The suspension of your car is essential for making your ride smooth and stable. If something is wrong with your suspension, you'll feel it. That's where we come in. Jake's Exhaust & Full Service Auto Repair is your go-to auto shop for suspension repair and replacement services. We can look over your suspension system and locate the cause of your problem, then fix the issue and get you back on the road in no time.

From shocks and struts to ball joints and control arms, we've got the parts you need to keep your car safely on the road. Call 218-729-7601 today to get started on your repairs.

Signs that you need suspension services

Signs that you need suspension services

There are some obvious signs to watch out for when it comes to suspension issues. You may need new suspension repairs if:

Your car pulls to one side while driving.
Your car bounces a lot after hitting a pothole
Your car tires are out of alignment

Don't make the mistake of driving an unsafe car-bring it to a local auto shop to get your suspension fixed ASAP.